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Default Re: BlowByU Full Belt Drive Felt Magno Build

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
Hi terry

will you have to have a idler pulley or belt tightner on the bottom of the rear belt to keep it above the chain stay.

Have been thnking about a simular setup with the hf 79cc. Last month i bought a nice 2008 ne5 whizzer for $400. Never thought i could afford one! Lol your build will be cool, as always.

Last week fl was the only state with out snow. Sure don`t miss northern wis in the winter.

Hey Ron
The price will not include the idler from what I have worked out so far is that there will be no need for one. The engine mounts I do are a sliding mount and I hope I don't need an idler. That is a smoking deal on a whizzer it is a good time to have money deals are popping up every where in the US can't say as much for Canada.
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