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Default Re: BlowByU Full Belt Drive Felt Magno Build

Here are rear sheaves and spacers that are ordered and on the way, same goes for the Strumey Archer stuff it is ordered and on the way too
Stainless%20Steel%20Sheave.jpg I will be using this stainless steel rear wheel sheave

sheeve%20spacer%20set%20of%209.jpg And these spacers
yhst-10337746512064_2132_4021442.jpg Because the Magno is a steel frame there is not much room for fuel in the top tube so I will be using this ultra cool tank with lay-back seat post

So now I have ordered all these parts and now I am going to go crazy waiting for them LOL so yes I do know what is like
Oh one last thing there will be no chain on this bike except the pedaling chain and that will be a 7 speed free wheel.

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