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Default Re: Magizine

Some great thoughts, thanks guys!

Killer, really like each of those topics. Ya know, I think the bicycle it self is so often over looked when it is the very foundation. Don't get more important then that. Really deserves to be addressed in detail.

I did some shopping for a printer. No luck yet. But as suggested, (thanks again!)hard copies will be expensive and will focus more on digital but like the thought of it at least being available in print. But am hoping it comes close to or at least covers some of the costs. Not that I will miss a meal in any event.

Which brings me to the mission statement/ethics. I am thinking simple and absolute. Vendor neutral. Only mission, "Of, for and by Motor-Bicycle enthusiasts"

I would like to do one article on "Why a motorized bicycle?" If any one has a thought on this, would like to collect some quotes. So post away! A lot of why I want to write this one is although I have thought at great length on this, I have never been able to figure out why I personally am so addicted and enthralled with MBs. So a bit selfish.

Thanks BeenTryin. Is great to know there is interest

Oh! not gonna be hard to make it available in e-reader form! Just kinda cool.
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