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Thumbs up Re: Welder My HF Tig 165-Amp Gifted To Myself Today.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Really is great having one around, isn't it?

I got this one, FREE SHIPPING Northern Industrial MIG Welder 115 Volt, 22-135 Amp, Model# MIG 135 | Wirefeed Welders | Northern Tool + Equipment (was on sale) Regretting not going with a TIG but this has served well. Now just need to make much better looking beads, lol

Really opens up whole new worlds. I was kinda worried it was extravagant but well worth it

Yes Dan, can't build or fab without it!

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
A welder is the greatest toy for the man cave!!
I agree Norm!

Originally Posted by Hammond Egger View Post
I just bought the HF 90 amp flux wire welder last week and a 3600 watt generator to run it. I'm having more fun than a guy my age is entitled to with it.
Hammond Egger, the 90 amp gasless aka flux cored wire welder was my first personally owned welder, gifted it to my brother, and he love's that lil welder.

For those of you who don't know it but a fellow forum member named Graucho has been using this same lil $89.00 90 amp gasless flux cored wire welder.

Here's a couple of build threads by Graucho using the Horrible Fright 90 Amp Flux Cored Mig Welder.


For the newbie's:
If you have the patience, you can become quite proficient with this lil welder, and start some amazing builds of your own!

Yeah, my man cave is over flowing with toy's, tool's, and projects galore!

This is my third personal welder I've been welding as an amateur, since high school and that was a few moon's ago! We used to have some Cranes with Arc welders on the back of them and used to get a lot of welding practice back then and was getting paid for it can't beat that.

My next welder I'm already looking at will see if it becomes a reality.

Peace Crazy Horse.
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