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Default Re: "Winter MBing, tips and tricks"

Originally Posted by dan
Wholly cow WA! I just looked at the thermometer and is 15F here. Don't ride below 32 due to ice. Kinda feelin' like a wus after reading; "....i get wet i can put the same boot back on with out loosing a toe" and "if its really chilly out i wear a second layer underneath coat and snow pants"
lol i gotta chuckle out of that it really isnt that bad winter biking really! its fun!

ts true that ice is a advasarie but u get used to going slow sometimes my fear is loosing control and sliding into oncoming traffic

yesterday was pretty cold -11 in some places my face got wind burn and my legs where cold i didnt have a second layer on and that would have made a difference

i still cant wait till summer when i can ride in my t-shirt
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