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Default Re: Magizine

Oh, been thinking about ideas for other articles too:

-Shop of the Month(issue) -could be pics/interview from pro shops like Jim's, to shadetree mechanics working in a cluttered garage like 2Doors

-Builder of the Month -from 'Joe to Pro', interviews with pro builders - how they started/got where they are... (by Pro I mean anyone who's built more than 10 bikes to sell). Or just fanatic home builders too

-Kludge of the Month -how not to do things, like 'this is priceless'

-Tips of the Month -how to properly do things, from setting C-clip, carb mounting, to front mounts and chain tensioners, chain lengthening/shortening, what to(and not to) use JB Weld on, etc

-Pro Tips -proper port matching, lapping heads after blown gaskets, fixing broken studs/stripped threads, proper torque spec chart(for shop wall)

-Part of the month -feature on cool parts, like hub adapters, heads, front mounts

-Kit feature? Or a 'How To' on helping to decide on a kit, based on needs/skill

Then maybe bicycle specific stuff too? like how to true a rim/wire your own spokes, repack bearings etc...

I'll keep thinking
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