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Default Re: Magizine

Great thought Terry. I really wanted to do a thing like the "New Yorker" they show a cartoon and readers send in captions. Ya got me thinking about a "picture of the volume" or some thing like that. hmmm Just went to look for the pic in the snork thread of the guy getting pulled over in Russia, ridding a motorized bath tub. Is too funny. Post 206 (Cracked me up KillerCanuck)

Wow SchwinnTF. Great vid. Really well done.

Norman Has offered his expertise and will be doing a "Ask Norman" and/or the tech stuff!
Big time, thank you Norman.

This morning woke thinking go with all professorial printing. Really on the fence. My thinking (4today, lol) is for not that much more $, will be far better for pics and general over all appearance.
worst apocalypse ever
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