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Default Re: This is priceless episode II

sorry guys it was me

i just love the looks of hose clamps something about them just makes me feel good i couldnt help to put the exaust pointing up cause i thought the guy was such a doop for paying me ahead that he deserved it also i was being lazy

as for the rear mounts yeah i was drinking a little bit and just stuffed the old inner tube in to make it look nice and have sound dampening technology

i do regret the rear pully though it was in fine shape un till i crashed on the first test ride ( drinking )

but all in all i think its a safe ride the hose clamps are n.a.s.a. certified space clamps so im sure they will hold up fine to some wild vibration

as far as wrapping the cdi wires around the down tube well i thought it would look pretty

im just joking guys that build is a travesty something about that makes me think made in china but i think even the chinese bike builders have more sense than that i have never seen such a crude attempt to motorize a bicycle

really i dont think anyone could have done a worse job

when i first saw the pics i thought it was like a joke or something sad sad stuff whats even more sad is the fact that the guy paid for this death trap
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