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Default re: "Winter MBing, tips and tricks"

ok so i guess the only real tip for winter riding is proper preparation

first dressing well i wear
a bomber hat, a face mask, and a old t shirt, for a neck and chest protecter,a set of cozy mittens, for a coat i am currently wearing a carhat the collar is really bad on those lets the wind right in (hence the old cut up t-shirt) i also wear snow pants and a safety vest

if its really chilly out i wear a second layer underneath coat and snow pants

ok so thats dress then theres tools of course and extra gas

i also carry extra gloves with me and a pair of socks with additional waterproof socks incase i get wet i can put the same boot back on with out loosing a toe

and then theres the survival pack it includes fire starters hand warmers knifes string all sorts of things basically i havent had to use any of this stuff this season but i carry it on me incase

other than that its all about defensive driving and choosing the best routes across town talk with local bicyclists they will tell you the best routes and travel across town
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