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Default Re: Magizine

An E-mailable E-zine with advertising space would be the best place to start, eh? Just to get it off the ground. Why bother printing-cutting-stitching-distributing them at a high price when even Walmart flyers are online...

There are alot of talented typesetters around here, but to find one to do it for the cause(MB's Rule!) shouldn't be hard. I was a Printing Press Operator for 15 years, but I'm only self-taught about the front end. I was the guy you gave a docket to while you said "give me 25,000 of this brochure", "in two days"... ahh the stress, how I don't miss it.

I'd be in for writing some articles though, how-to's or whatever you need. Graphics I can do too, somewhat...

There are some great photographers, and videographers around for some awesome features!

Who else is in?
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