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Default re: "Winter MBing, tips and tricks"

Hey, first off, I needed a studded tire for winter, but I'm too cheap to spend $60+(each) for 'store-bought' studded tires, so this is what I ended up with:

I got my inspiration from these threads on snow/ice riding:

But a couple of lines in a totally different thread on 'Goats Head' caught my attention:
Originally Posted by WayneC could also try the tire-in-a-tire method. Similar to above but uses another tire inside the outer one. Sometimes you have to cut the bead off so watch out for the wire if your tire is of that type. If it's got the Kevlar bead then no problem.
So off I went, to my shop/kitchen(yes I'm a bachelor). What I needed was an old mtb tire, 26x2.25 with decent nibs(chunky tread), and an old 26x1.75 road tire, a decent tube, trued rim(optional), and 100 #6x3/4" screws(what I had 100+ of). The screws I had were 'round head' 'green handle' robertson(square), but use whatever screws you have a hundred+ of that are the same size...

I'll say this off the top, 3/4" were too long. If I had a front fender and stock forks I wouldn't be able to get away with 3/4". I have no fender(yet) and wide triple trees. My stock fork truing stand is chewed up just from a few spins of the finished flesh-shredder, heh heh.

1/2" should be lots to get a good bite without having to wait for the pavement to wear down the screws so they clear your fender... Just a heads up, if you have fenders/stock fork use 1/2"

I say use #6 because they are only 1/8" and don't require pre-drilling, trust me, 100 screws to put in is alot of Simpsons episodes playing in the background, drilling 100 holes for a bigger screw would only be that much more monotonous.

So enough of my yakking, lets get to the pics!

This rim was already half rotten from sitting in snow against a fence for a couple of years so it was a good candidate for more snow/salt.

Some WD-40 on the spoke heads, and rebuild the bearings with synthetic grease and its ready to go.

For some odd reason(like getting chucked in the back forty) the spoke liner was gone, so I had to use good'ol duct tape to cover the spoke ends.

*Tip, wrap half the rim with full wide DT, and cut in half for twice the length of tape, you only need half wide tape to cover the spoke-ends.

So for the actual putting in of the screws, there's nothing to it. A drill with a bit is highly recommended! At first I'd turned the tire inside out, but then I was worried about the angle of the screws. So I just screwed from inside - out with the tire as normal.
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