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Default "Winter Motorized Bicycling, tips and tricks"

A few of us were talking about starting a thread on winter MBing. Please feel free to post any thing you have found or do. Dress, mechanical or what ever ya think is part of the winter thing.

This kinda surprised me. I (this time of year) wear Carharrt bib overalls, boots, hood that covers my face and, big time important, the back of the neck. With raw hide gloves am very comfortable with a few layers underneath. Skipped the layers under the coat and wore a lighter coat. Was not at all cold but my hands (with the same gloves) were frozen and uncomfortable. Rode home and put on some layers. Still not cold but hand and feet were comfy again. Old boat thing; "if your feet are cold, put a hat on" All about core tempiture I guess.

Also, with the 4 smoke, be sure to use the right oil.

Killer did a pretty wild studded tire.

I am thinking of doing a seat heater conducting heat from the exhaust pipe.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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