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Default Re: Got engine yesterday, riding today

Originally Posted by scottmanesis View Post
I see your point and am not trying to sound negative. I just know that wire wheeled spoked rims are not meant to be turned by the spokes, especially when there is not equal force on either side of the wheels. Granted the wheels are much better quality than the 14 g versions some run with but the wheel itself was not designed to work in this manner.

As I said some people probably never have an issue with it, I am just anal about stuff like that. I agree its a good idea to have a beefy bike frame but I have not read too many in fact none at all posts concerning cracked frames....mostly tacoed up wheels!

I figure if even a peddle bike would work great with the sprocket attached to the spokes then some manufacturer would be doing it because that would be the cheapest way to go, but they are not. Even the junkiest of crap bikes have the peddle force going to the hub not the spokes.......just sayin.

On a side not, I do dig your Worksman. very cool bike for sure.
spokes like that on a mass production scale for this type of set up would most likely cost more, while also limiting repair options.

with the current set up if something breaks we simply replace the part that needs to be replaced. if all bikes were manufactured with the sprockets mounted to the spokes not only would we most likely lose the ability for a free wheel but also make it so a dinged up rim meant you need an entire new everything, spokes and sprocket as well as the rim, since it would all be one piece, rather then being able to salvage your still working parts, at least thats the way i see it

so while its safe/viable, it's simply not as good or cost effective as what we already have, so why do it that way?

and thanks, i do agree worksman makes a quite nice bike, even if they did goof up on my order. wishing i got my gt5 in black now to match the gloss black paint on the bike.
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