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Default Re: Got engine yesterday, riding today

Originally Posted by matthurd View Post

@goat i want it, think it would make this much easier, but i can't afford it

I don't know why, but to me spending that much on a frame to still ride with the weak link on these kits seems a little backwards. I would rather personally ride a 50 dollar bike with upgraded rear sprocket attachment than a 2 thousand dollar bike with that junky rag joint that comes in the kits.

Granted I dont have much motorized bicycle experience to go on but I have ridden enough motorcycles and bicycles both to know I don't want my power plant to be strapped to one side of some spokes on a wheel.....just does not sound safe AT ALL! It could just be me as some seem to have no problems with it, but my butt would not even consider riding it set up like that. In fact I would buy the HD rear wheel kit from spooky or another vendor before I even put gas in it. I like the skin on my body, especially my face and when rear wheels taco it really stinks.
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