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Default Re: Petcock comparison

I used the original petcock on the Happy Time fuel tank on all my motorized bicycle projects. I failed to realize that this mediocre piece of equipment was the cause of fuel delivery issues with my twin-engined monster. At top speed, one engine would be starving until my large FRAM filter would fill. I went so far as to install an electric fuel pump to cure my fuel problems, to no avail.
On my present build, my 5hp GP460 engine started bogging at high speed and on hills. When I pulled my large, automotive-style FRAM fuel filter, gas flowed like a saline solution drip with the Chinese petcock. Upon removing the fuel valve, gas flowed normally.
When my SBP fuel valve arrived, I inspected it and found that its fuel port was almost as large as its its fitting! It's huge! Fuel delivery issues are now a thing of the past. My large FRAM filter fills very quickly and stays filled.
The SBP fuel valve looks like a quality piece and works very well. It also allows my engine to vent thru the Happy Time's lockng gas cap's keyhole very well.
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