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Default Re: newbie ready to go

Originally Posted by SCOOT64 View Post
Thanks Kip,Im sure their will be some challanges.Im a firm believer in lock tight.would you suggest just mounting it on the bike and going from there?Or should some things be cheaked first QC wise?
Check,clean,re-pack all your bearings,& raceies.Even if it's a new bike.
Expecially if it's a cheap bike.
I've found flaking chrome on the raceies and little grease on the bearings.
If your gonna run fenders beef up the mounts expecially the front. sells some sturdy fender braces.
If it's a cruiser or has coaster brakes install some side pulls front and rear.
With a dual pull lever.Pirate Cycles sells kits.
Only use the coaster at slow speeds or panic stops with your side pulls.
They never blow-up when your stopped!
Good wheels are a very safe addition with 12 ga spokes.
I try to use nyloc nuts anywhere I can.,If it is going to require some kind of maintainence or replacement.
Make sure everything is tight,I green locktite every thing that is assembled on the bike,chain guard, seat hardware,anything that is held together with a fastener with threads.
If it's a cheap bike make sure that the rim strip that protects the tube from the spoke nuts is covering the spoke nuts.
I've found them folded over or off to the side leaving the tube exposed!

As far as the motor kit goes.
The best advice I can give you is build it how you are gonna ride it!
Before you mount something scrutinize it.How can you improve it to make it last.
If you build it to last it will,If you build it fast it won't! Kip.
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