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Default Re: cheap steel?????

*shrug* Salt is brutal on any ferrous metal regardless of it's quality or origin and while some companies claim their "Snow/Ice Melt" product contains no salt - whatever it does contain seems equally as bad or even worse...

Where "quality" comes into play is with a chrome (chromium) coating or stainless, both should be corrosion resistant/proof - but are very often not due to their low quality, impurities and w/chrome - insufficient thickness.

TBH, I'm really not a fan of salt/snow melt products and unless it's just me - their usage is on the rise... Other than the seemingly instant corrosion of everything it touches it's even somewhat of a "mixed blessing" when it comes to removing snow & ice. Sure - it'll melt it... to a point, then it refreezes to glare ice despite the claims to the contrary from it's manufacturer. I dunno what happened, but it seems to me that we usta use a lot more of the good ol' sand & light gravel, which works no matter the temperature, regardless of refreeze...

I even had a bit of a ...disagreement w/a landlord over this heh, my poor pup would get the "Snow Melt" product caught between his pads and whine in pain & I worried about his health licking at that stuff - so I begged my landlord to stop using it and just let me use the sand I already had. After a few encounters he relented, but I had to sign a "disclaimer" in case I injured myself, even though it seems the sand still works better for longer o_O
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