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Default Re: how much better is this?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If you rely only on the clamping force of the kit supplied tensioner bracket, no matter what you put around the frame to keep it in place or what quality of fasteners you use, eventually it WILL loosen and rotate inward. Sandpaper, innertube, duct tape or Heaven forbid, JB Weld, the bracket will at some point loosen enough that the tension of the drive chain will pull it into your spokes. When it does, remember, you read it hear.
As for constant checking to be sure it is tight, that will keep you out of trouble but keep in mind that what can happen, will happen and usually when you're riding, not sitting in your driveway looking at the bike
IMHO So your saying to avoid all the alternatives that it is imperative we drill holes in our frames? If rattling can make things come loose like foul mounted engines that crack frames then? This is the very thing I question?

To be clear I don't like the kit supplied teinsioner I managed to maintain one with no mods at all except a skate board wheel. Personally I will never run one that way again especially after all the alternatives that have showed up on the forum! I had to check it to see if it got loose periodically. I actually went for a while with out checking it once it did have looser fasteners then but I never got in trouble with it. Now we will have a meat heads that prolly think tightening the bujeebers out of everything will make it all better until a bolt snaps.

So in light of that nobody will be able to get a handle on anything what so ever? Perhaps they should all drill their frames to mount the kit supplied teinsioners then mandatory stuff? lol eek
My preference for as suggestions goes to folks at least read everything here. for ideas.

There is only one mount idea I liked for the most part. Its the one that joins the teinsioner with both upper and lower trailing arms . But I still think it would be a bad idea for folks to drill holes in both of them..........
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