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Default Re: How come we're not seeing MBs with motors like these?

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Same here. I just wonder if that day will ever come. I think it might if motorized bicycles keep gaining in popularity.

I'm just thinking out loud that if people are willing to spend close to 2 large for a stupid kart motor, then a few hundred for a high quality motorized bicycle motor should be a no brainer.
I know the thread has gone away from the original question, but I still wanted to comment on this.

You're talking about two completely different groups of people when you compare the karting folks and motorized bicycle folks. The Karting community spends thousands of dollars because they can afford the hobby, love going fast, winning races and making custom modifications that make more power. They even go and get sponsors.

Frankly, most motorized bicycle people want a cheap and easy kit. I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but just look at where the majority of the money is spent on the 49cc 4strokes. The HS is far more popular than the Honda because it costs ~$200 less. Everyone knows the Honda is the original and is better built, but the difference in cost still pushes most people (including me) to the clones. If you could make a high performance engine for $400, you'd still see most people on this forum complaining that someone should make a clone of that engine for cheaper.

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