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Default Re: ignition timing adjustment methods

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The magneto rotor,(magnet) can be easily removed if you have the right tool. Ace hardware has a faucet handle removal tool that works perfectly.
Caution: Prying on the magnet can actually bend the crankshaft. The shaft is only about 5/16" in diameter where the magnet rides and prying it, applying too much pressure on one side can compromise the crankshaft. Use a puller, or the faucet tool, to assure even pressure. There is also a woodruff key that can sometimes complicate removal of the magnet. Use care and patients and don't damage the crank seal behind the magnet. Also mark the magnet, inside-outside, so it goes back on the way it came off.
Originally Posted by Norman View Post
I found that one engine I have if the magnet rotor is on backwards it won't spark. If you take of off turn it over put it back on it works. I wonder if that could be the problem you have? Could have been a rough day at the china engine factory.
I don't know if the other engines will do that cause I mark them before I take them off this one I forgot to mark. I didn't think it would matter on the one I put on backwards but it matters at least this one don't like being on backwards.
Yes if you flip that magnet around the motor will not run.

Ace is the place I did not know they had Ace in Ecuador
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