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Default Re: Broke my Throttle cable

If you pulled the end off the cable that goes into the carb you can repair it yourself. you will need to look at some of my carb posts I show how to solder on a new cable end. I make the little tubelear end by wrapping the cable with one strand of phone wire and then silver solder it. Which will take a propane torch to do. silver solder will not pull off and is easier to make a good strong connection.
tools needed propane torch
dremel with fiber cut off wheel or good strong wire cuting pliers
powered wire wheel to clean the soldered area or dremel wire wheel will work
siler solder and flux
copper phone wire
you can shorten the outter housing of the cable to suit youself if its too long the inner cable will need about 60 mm sitcking out of the outter jacket I wrap about 4 turns of the phone wire at around 45 mm from the outter cable housing end. do this with the throttle cable still attached to the twist grip at the other end or else the measurements will not work.
heat up the area to be soldered it will almost or will glow red to almost white hot apply the flux then the solder. let it cool and snip off the excess clean it up and lube it with some motor oil. your ready to put it back together
some thing to be careful about heat up only the area to be soldered I said to have 60mm of inner cable to be used the excess is so you can clamp this so your hands are free to solder. you don't have to have this much extra but it is nice if you can have a little extra to work with
pratice on an old wire first to get the hang of it
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