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Default Re: Newbie for Omaha

Cruisers are comfortable. I'd spend a little time looking things over here and see what appeals to you. Omaha and Council Bluffs should give you a wealth of old cruisers to pick from if you want to go that route. if you do go for a brand new bike from a chain store then Schwinn is probably a good choice. They are made in China now and don't compare at all in quality to the old Chicago made Schwinns, but among the department store bikes, they seem to be a bit better than the average. My own preference is for an older, Chicago made Schwinn, but that means more work in fixing it up unless you can find an older one in great condition, which you might. Huffy bikes are everywhere, but the new ones are pretty poorly made with very cheap components. Don't want to see you getting hurt on your motorbike as that sure does spoil the fun. Good luck and safe riding. If you need help, somebody here will pitch in. By the way, 2.125 inch wide rims are safer and more comfortable than skinnier tires.
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