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Default Re: Pseudo Board Tracker - My New Project

curtisfox, replying here is fine! Thanks for the feedback. The bow is intentional, and from the top the tubes look fine.

I think I'm going to shelve this project until January... After a couple days reflection, I'm not happy with the fuel tank mount execution. It's fine in principle, but the JB Weld looks like crap. The previously hidden damage to the frame will require welding to repair, and if I'm going to weld I might as well do the mounts right!

I've got torches and regulators at home to do the welding, but I've promised myself not to get bottles until after we come home from vacation in January. They'll be too much of a distraction from school and I can't afford to lose focus now.

This will give me a chance to shop for the right rear wheel/transmission too. If another frame comes along, or I somehow get an opportunity to weld before then, you'll be the first to know! Thanks for following...
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