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Default Re: Juke urban legend ad?

I use Firefox and not IE, mainly because I can get the NoScript and FlashBlock plugins for Firefox. I never saw that ad.

I have very few sites that are cleared in both those plugins--and no, motorbicycling isn't one of them.

Most of the ads here still seem to show up anyway, but small gif ads is not what I am trying to avoid, at least while browsing with the desktop PC.


I would also warn the website admin that you need to strip out all the fluff for internet-capable phones.

Displaying them on a desktop or laptop PC is nothing, but all these flashing Gifs drag a phone to its knees, and they are illegible on a tiny screen anyway. (phones disregard Flash anyway, since none of them can show it yet)

When you get the capability, you need to get rid of ALL the gifs--at least for mobile browsers.
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