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Default Re: Juke urban legend ad?

After googling and finding many other people having serious problems with that ad on other websites, I found a solution...

Just added this website to IE's 'Restricted site' list.
It $#%!lists all flash this way (Basicly JUST that junk ad! as far as I can tell) While leaving all the 100% behaved and ONTOPIC bike gif based ads that I really don't mind.. And actualy think are kinda cool.

Really, Advertising a car on a bike site when the ad doesnt even work, Fills me with total confidence at thier ability to build a working car. Not.

(Juke urban legend ad is some kinda lame car ad with lightning in the backround and 1fps animation, No reason at ALL it should even be able to lag a I7 920 based PC with 6gigs ram)

PS: If you add this website to the internet options, Privacy, 'Sites' list for cookies, you can still stay loged in and use 'remember me'

PPS: Site admins: More awsome ontopic gif based bike ads! less random abusive google flash ads please.

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