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Default Re: Heres what i've been workin on.....

How are you guys getting your titles under your names? i want one!!! Btw my felt is the smoothest and fastest bike i've built. I was clocked at 43mph flat ground and still climbing, i think it'll do 45-46... sounds right! the only thing ive done to it is put jims intake on, bigger air cleaner, port matched the pipe and drilled two holes in the baffle, and cut off the tube from the baffle to the inner muffler. i modified a friends muffler by port matching, then cut the tube to the exact length it needed to sit just inside the inner muff, then added one hole. His has a little less low end torque, but hits the same top speeds and is alot quieter! i think these things NEED an appropriate amount of back pressure to run right! the wholes in the baffle are an easy way to experiment!!!
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