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Default Re: Heres what i've been workin on.....

yeah, i found some new bearing cups and a race to make it work. I got the fork cut down to the length i wanted to get it down low in front, took off about an inch and a 16th. Got about a quarter inch clearance between the bottom of the steer tube and the top of the tire! looks good but the drag bars i ordered dont fit in the stem so.... i think im gonna find me a cooler lookin bmx stem and then look for bars to fit with a slight rise in 'em! And about the front brakes, whatever makes you happy is the main thing, ive had and rode lots of dirt bikes and motorcycles, scooters and just reg bikes and i never used the front brakes so im confident without them. However i have seen people do face plants when a car pulls out right in front of them and every muscle tightens in their bodies, front brakes at fault sooo.... i guess its up to each of us to choose their fate. me, slidin sideways, and layin it over is way better than a bar end in the stomache or a facefull of asphault! BTW im posting pics of my other bikes ive built. hope you guys likey>
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