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I seem to recall several reports that the cheap dynamo lights don't last long on motorized bikes.

Also we note, the generic China tire-dynamo kits like that are very cheap. Same as with everything else--if you buy the cheapest parts, don't be real surprised when they don't last long.


There's still GOOD tire dynamo setups being made and sold in Europe, and they cost $100+ for the set. Harris cyclery sells the Busch & Müller dynamo alone (no lights included) for $55.

Most aficionados of generator lights have moved to using generator hubs instead of the bottle dynamos. The hubs are more durable and less hassle but I don't know that they would withstand higher-than-normal bicycle speeds any better. Even cooler (I think),,,, they have LED generator lights now that have a capacitor thing built-in, so that they will stay lit for 30-60 seconds after you stop moving.

Sturmey-Archer even makes a front hub that is a generator + drum brake, all in one:
Harris cyclery link - Sturmey-Archer Generator/Brake Hubs For Bicycles

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