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Default How the ?!

I have acouple of quick questions.

First off how the **** do you install this?
Motorized BIKE GAS ENGINE bicycle chrome head light - eBay (item 190441049189 end time Nov-05-10 18:23:20 PDT)

Second off is this a better way to try to hook up a light, turn signal and breaking system?
MINI GENERATOR (With Light Switch) For Motorized Bikes - eBay (item 400109305577 end time Nov-09-10 23:59:39 PST)

Next, how does the breaking system work? same as a speed-0 read or is it hand operated on a cruiser?

It's the cheapest bike light and looks the best on my bike. Do any stores like sick bike parts have it?

Also wondering if anyone has a built in talk on a huffy crainbrook. Trying to figure out how to do it dealing with the welding and if theres an easy way to do it.

Also wondering if this tank could fit on the same bike:
motor motorized engine bike - long tank black 1 G - eBay (item 400159646278 end time Oct-30-10 18:07:01 PDT)

Im building a trike this xmas and just wanna get all my info before i start.

Thanks in advance for the answers and jokes!
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