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Talking Re: Random scratching noise inside clutch shaft

Originally Posted by Jeco View Post
Hi all,

A couple of days ago I've noticed this random scratching noise in my HT. I tried troubleshooting, I've removed the clutch cover, clutch plate, also removed the clutch pads. While pedal testing, still the scratching noise is there.

I've also removed the engine chain from the wheel to isolate the bike, the bike alone doesn't make the noise at all.

I suspect there is something wrong within inside the clutch shaft( not sure if thats what you call it),
but I don't know how to open up the thing. I've read a thread here that you just need a flat screw, wedge it between the two prongs, tried it but it keeps rolling including the wheel.

Is there an easy way to open this clutch shaft part.

There may be a critter in there....get it out as soon as possible. That should take care of the
scratching noise....hopefully.
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