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Default yo, new guy from AZ

hey all, thought i'd introduce myself since i'm planing on doing a bike kit build.

so far i've decided on getting a Grubee skyhawk GT5 motor kit

mostly i decided to do the conversion to save some money on gas. since my car really doesn't get very good fuel economy (24mpg.... when i'm not mashing the throttle) and also since it just seams way cool to have a 2 stroke motor on a bicycle.

i had an electric kit a few years back that was insanely fun, but just lacked the distance i wanted. it was alot of fun until the rear tire i had on it popped off (solid rubber tire + AZ summer sun = very quick lesson on how much rubber expands) and caused me to total the bike while i was taking a turn

i'm planning on installing the kit on my schwinn chopper bike (the occ one) once i buy it, (and the mount for it too)
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