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Default Re: Another Cranbrook

I got the identical bike as you have there, I added a 48cc grubee on mine. The problems you will run into are the basic ones. The fender brackets are cheap so pay attention to then , I drilled mine and added better rivots to them. The rear fender will have to be cut and trimmed to allow chain clearance. You will have to make a modified front engine mount,as the tube is oversized.

I got my bike at walmart for $75 on sale,every bolt on it was loose and they stripped one of my pedals going into the crank, I just welded it till I get a new one.

The seat is crap, the cool looking tan strip came off on my first ride,so I replaced the seat. This is a very nice bike when completed , but it is defiantly a cheaply made product and will not last any real amount of time. But it is still a fun build and will get attention from people .
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