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Default Re: think i have a air leak?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
both of mine have always ran as you have described, to be sure you dont have an air leak and are running too lean just take out your spark plug and see if it is a nice medium brown color, if it is then you are probably ok, but if it is very light brown like more of a gray color or even kinda white, DO NOT RUN your engine again until all the areas prone to loose their seal are fixed or you will cook your engine and be looking at a rebuild or a new one.
I dont know if beentryin has a handle on his idle yet, but I took the advice and checked things out. I sprayed WD-40 when it was cold and got no changes at idle when cold. I checked the plug and it is rich. OK, no leaks and no lean condition. My carb cap is funky though and has the squared off threads so there are 2 openings. I plugged these up a while ago, but the cap was not screwed down far enough so the plunger sat a hair high. I didnt notice anything off until the weather got cooler.

My point is make sure you can adjust your idle too. If you cant then the carb cap might need a few careful turns even though the usual recommendation is to not overtighten. With cooler weather you might need adjustments.
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