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Default Re: Another Cranbrook

Thanks, DOC and Tire.

I have been reading a lot of how dangerous the fenders are when on a powered machine and I tried to discourage dad from using then(hoping to just toss the fenders), but he really wants the look they give. This I'll have to get right and safe...I couldn't bare the thought of dad crashing on his bike due to fender wrap, I would feel so bad if that happened. So thanks again for reminding me about the fenders.

Here is everything do far and the bike in stock trim. On the engine there is a sticker of a wasp that I would like to take off, but dad likes it on there lol. So that stays too lmao.

Basically this bike will be totally stock down to the fenders with the engine installed. If it were mine I would strip it, paint it red or something and other stuff, but dad wants to keep the first one simple and get it together so we can learn the engine and how to drive it well.

Here's a couple of pics... I get to work on it in two days and I'll have two weeks vocation to get it done.. Gonna be a nice vacation....can't wait.

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