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Default Re: Annoying People.......

HAHAH! You're gonna love this.

My dad and I go tthe Cranbrook from Wal-Mart and fitted in the motor to see what it looks like(nice) So I tell him about you and yo uhave the same deal and from around our area. He's like "lets go see his! and see how he has it set-up" My dad is one that WOULD sit on it(I hate that!) He has been known to sit in people's cars too!(with them there)..irritates the crap out of me.

So I guess we will have a lot of gawkers wondering WTH we are driving around lol.. Oh and a good bike lock will be on for sure. I can just imagine how many morons out there that are just itching to steal something like these bikes.

It's funny.. Ride just the bike and no one gives a hoot....put on a motor and WHHHOOAAAA! Dude what you have there? LMAO!.

Also if a Jefferson County Sherrif pulls up behind the bike trying to give us ****, I will remind them about the teenagers riding their ATV's through the towns and roads that are legal to do so. I really hope the police do not have an issue with a wee little motor bike

I'l probably flip out if they do, hahah
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