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Default Another Cranbrook

Yepp, I know it's another Cranbrook(which seems to be a popular bike for this) but it was cheap, looks great with a motor on it and dad felt comfortable riding it.

The engine kit id here and everything just fell onto the frame easily and like it was built to be there.
We mocked up the engine and brain stormed ideas for a front mount which I decided I will build out of aluminum. It will sort of be like an engine rod cap with two bolts holding everything together.

The bike itself has thick spokes which are nice and tough. One thing I can see so afar is the chain is going to be truble rubbing the tires and fenders. I decided I will crimp and shape the fender to fit the chain rather than cut a notch(looks more finished to me) I don't know yet, but that seems to be the biggest obstacle so far(making the chain fit)

The engine is a chinese two stroke(SD Stinger and first impressions are that it looks great in the Cranbrook almost like it was suppose to be there. The quality of the engine seems to be a little lower than I have seen before. The head obviously had pores and casting marks which look unfinished or from a rough casting and metal flakes in the spark plug hole and some cast flashing on the exhaust port. The studs and hardware are of "not engine grade" quality. I'll be putting in some better studs, better sealing on the intake and exhaust ports, and a thorough cleaning of the inside to wash out metal flakes ect. I will also pack grease in the gears and re-tourque all bolts and screws.
I am confident in the engine though, because some here say it has been a good engine for them and with proper first starts and break-in, it should be fine.

This is our first project so mods and customization will be minimal. The plans wil be my own custom front mount(which is almost done) crimp and shape rear fender to fit chain and look "factory" Smoother, better tires, More attractive tank mounting plus paint tank to match bike colors(look less "kittish" same with chain guard) I'll be adding a front brake for safety as well as a headlight(vintage style) That's about it. We were impressed how well it all fit into the Cranbrook and even the exhaust did not hit the cranks on rotation. With my mount idea the engine wil be solid, straight and safe.

So far we both like this hobby and actually started work right away... It's fun figuring out stuff to make it a little better..... I already made custom mounts and a better way to mount the tank...
For now we don't have a lot invested, it will look nice and hope to get it running soon... Later we will build something a bit better.....

Love it so far
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