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Default Re: Pittsburgh Stolen Schwinn Collegiate (recovered!) - Help from Pee-wee Herman

You could get an estimate of the quality of the gas/oil mix by taking a sample and weighing it. Oil is heavier than unleaded, so the heavier the sample is above pure gas the better. If you drain 32 ounces of gas/mix from the tank, then it should weigh 24.937 ounces for 32:1 mix. Whatever percentage it is lighter than 24.937 ounces, is clue to how bad the mix was.

I'm assuming gas is 6.2 lbs/gallon and oil is 7.3 lbs/gallon.

Or, mix up your fresh gas/oil the way you normally would and weigh a sample of that. Then weigh the crook's mix and compare the percentage difference.

16:1 is 1.01105% heavier than pure unleaded.
32:1 is 1.00552% heavier. That .00552% difference is about 3.8 grams in a 32 ounce sample.

If you have access to a scale and it is accurate to the 1/10 gram, it should be accurate enough.

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