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Default Re: Annoying People.......

there's a guy at my local bar who claims to be a custom motorcycle builder (he's actually a broke alcoholic who lives in a motel) and i was talking about one of my bikes i sold. he started in about the liability issues, and i basically told him that once the bike leaves my possession, i have no control over the rider, and like a motorcycle, everyone's gonna crash sometime.

i've explained the quality of my bikes to him a few times, he's even seen me flying down the street before, but he just keeps harping on me, saying how irresponsible i am, and how i'm gonna lose everything when someone gets killed on my bikes.

after arguing with him the other day, he asked me for a smoke, and i told him i didn't want to risk the liability of him getting lung cancer and suing me.

we don't talk much anymore...
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