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Default Re: Zoombicycles 80cc slant head

You lost me there I don't drink.

Yes there is a night and day difference with longevity on a bike and all its parts when a guy weighs less. Nothing breaks.

I am at a pro wrestler build over 6 foot tall. I have also peddled a bike without a motor on it the last two weeks to a easy sum of over 200 miles and loved every minute of it. I have spent my entire life on bicycles.

China motors are basically a joke to me but Gawed I love them. Too pieces. lol. Each and every one of them too. I beat them all into the ground. Why for the plain ol curiosity of building one perfect one.

What has a 235 pound guy learned different from 135 pound guy ? I am not talking about some odd ball point of bullying. I am referring to engineering. Who's stuff wears out faster?

Put 100 pounds on your back go 1500 to 2000 miles lets see if the head bolts need re-torquing. If the stock motor mounts hold up. That could be a big list.

If I weighed 135 all my motors would fly stock..

Just saying.

Yes I realize regardless of what one weighs they can tell what there riding if it is faster or slower.

The China motor it self is a kit. That said have fun with it. If you are the type of guy who's curious mode it break it. Get another one like Doritos they make more. I have bushed Motors still running with over 5000 miles on them and beat on them a bunch. They have been my best motors. The porting was different too. On my stock bushed motors I had to window the piston skirt to advance the timing on them. That was how the ports were on their jugs.

If you want longevity leave it alone yes boosting the the compression puts more hurts on these motors. Especially a unbalanced motor. [crank] They run hotter too.

Look at what Foureasy did. All of the motors he is running have big time squish bands.

If indeed the heads are warping after installed? Did the folks torque them evenly? I also suspect that is a harder head to cast? Dunno I don't have a warped one yet. I don't try to mill them down to get more compression either. They are border line too much from the start. There is not really all that good of cooling on these motors either.

For the record I don't care one bit for a slant head . I like the spark plug down the middle with a sweet squish band. Not the typical cavernous one.

I run the Slant head with two gaskets. [the way it came from the factory] They have all ran fine on pump gas at 5000 foot above sea level. Yes on a hot day in July they might ping. Higher compression demands higher octane fuel. I have experimented with good result doable gasketing the jugs at the bottom lessening the compression a tad and changing the port timing.

The motors by far that seam to live the longest are the ones with the cavernous squish bands. So its a bit of a pita there. I got slant heads with 4000 miles on them. That's lucky too because the piston bearing cages inevitably seam to fly apart.

There is volumes to be said for a balanced crank!!!

The motor you compared things too Bairdco you mentioned it ran poorly from the start. I suspect port timing or spark timing dunno? Maybe the primary compression is some how different on that motor. Perhaps it is one of the jugs with smaller porting on it?

The ones that I saw run best had text book examples of an expansion chamber on them. They are in a league of there own. Without the expansion chamber [proper tuned pipe and carb] my observations I guess is use a low compression head I think it will rev out easier.

I have come across jugs looking radically different from each other. Different suppliers.

I have had jugs where I needed to window the the piston skirt and jugs where it was fine there. Jugs with beautiful clean large porting [so far the Zoom that I know of]

It is sounding more to me that the Zooms I have played with are just built for it dunno.

I keep getting Zooms I have four now personally. Between friends there's two more I know of.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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