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Default Re: Zoombicycles 80cc slant head

Originally Posted by MotorNut123 View Post
12 pack?? What is it?

and now that i think about it, 12 beers are a lot like a slant head. it sounds like a great idea to drink them all, it's fun, and it makes you think everything is so much better, and then the next day you realize it wasn't the greatest idea afterall.

and, you'll never admit to it, because drinking is so much fun, you continue to do it, even though in the long run, it's destroying your body. but who cares, right? for what goatherder said, you kinda lost me. while weight may make a difference in a race between two people, individually it doesn't matter. just because i'm 135lbs doesn't mean i can't tell the difference between a fast bike and a slow one.

now for my final opinion on this subject...

i find the name "slant head" for a chinese product very offensive.
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