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Default Re: Zoombicycles 80cc slant head

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
I ran regular pump fuel in my Bike comparison . The guy running neck and neck with me was running race fuel by the way. [higher octane]

Something else to think about when you run a higher compression head guy's. The guy running the slant head that could give me comp has a brass bushing now. He threw a roller cage.

All this said the motors from china are kits in them selves. A guy's best bet for longevity is to keep it simple lower compression head.
Has there been any conclusive data about different octane gases used in these causing differences in engine performance?

I'm with you about the ports. I read the thread about porting and decided to do it on my 2nd install. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn't have much at all to do to clean up the ports on the Zoom 66/80..

My brother-in-law was doing about 22 on a completely stock slant and I figured that's pretty impressive for his weight. He tells me that he's 300 even, but my wife says there's no way ~ probably 360...
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