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Default re: Pittsburgh Stolen Schwinn Collegiate (recovered!) - Help from Pee-wee Herman

Every bike I've ever owned, every one of them, was eventually stolen. I've never given up a bike while riding, although I've been threatened. I'm a NYC native, and lived in Puerto Rico, so I know a thing or two about defending myself against thugs.

I own 3 bikes now including my motorbike. If I ride any distance I carry a back pack and keep a machete in it for quick over the shoulder access like some nutty bike riding Indiana Jones. At a red light I was approached by 3 guys who split up in a deliberate attempt to attack me wolf pack style. I pulled the blade out about a foot and yelled at the leader, "WHAT?" They instantly turned around and walked away, deciding to chase easier prey. OK, I'm crazier than average, and can't recommend that for everyone. But I must say, a machete will get someone's attention.

The cops are obviously no help. You 'found' your bike once. You'll find it again. Just steal it back. I'd be inclined to steal it back, take it home, return to the bar, face the thief as he exits and take his photo with flash. In his temporary blindness, say "don't F with me again. I don't call cops. I handle turds like you myself. If you ever come back to my house, or even my block, you'll regret it". Then actually turn the photo in to the police and explain. Tough talk, I know, but sometimes we have to revert to our more primal selves in defense. And thieves are, first and foremost, lazy. That's why they are thieves. They will always take the easiest path and leave tougher targets alone.

good luck getting it back. I know that's a pisser.
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