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Question how to do this?

hi i been working on my new SkyHawk 2010 model Grubee 66cc engine for the past few days,
had a lot of Different problems.

Fuel leak, Figured that one out, i didn't know how to use the shut off valve. now i do.
Mounting the engine to the frame, Now that wasn't fun at all.....

here is my Current problems so far;

My Engine will not Idle at All. it just shakes really badly and dies when im not moving,

and when i go to move the rear wheel wont move. its not the wheel itself, when i take the engine chain off, i can move just fine, its when i put it back on, the tire will not move very well, i have to petel extra hard to get it even moving..

the carb is the new high performance CNS carburetor, not the old one i keep seeing here.

i also noticed the Clutch wont Disengage the wheel, im not sure if i said that right...

does anyone know what i might be able to do to fix these problems?

any picture details would be appreciated

thanks in advance!
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