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Question im having LOTS of problems!!!! HELP!

Hi i just got my SkyHawk 2010 model Grubee 66cc engine today,
i spent all day getting it togeather and 2 bikes to get it all assembled.
now that its all togeather. i gassed it up, went to test it, and went 1 foot, chain stuck.
worked on that for 3 hours, still stuck, now i got gas leaking from every nook and cranny!
managed to get the leak somwhat under control. it was coming out of my air filter, carberator, and whatnot/ i also have a couple of clear hoses that stick out of the carb, that i have no idea where they go!.all i know is this, gas is coming out of those as well.
i tried greasing the wheel the chain goes on, went to test it again, and chain Snaps!
managed to fix that and it still...wont budge. i did notice however, the chain gets snagged inside the
clutch gear place. on the area where its a pain to get the chain on in the first time you get it on.
i tried tapping on that thing in the middle of the gear in the clutch area, nothing changed...i am truley Stumped!

and the directions on "How to install and put togeather" wasnt very helpfull at All....

can anyone help me with some advice on what am i doing wrong? and what can i do to get this beaut if a bike up and running, Thanks in advance!

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