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Default Re: Newb in motorized bicycle

You will face some challenges with the Cranbrook, but it can be made to work.
My first build was a Cranny, I learned a lot.
Just keep in mind that a $75 bike will start showing it's quality issues soon is all.
It is certainly a pretty bike to get your feet wet with however, and you will learn a lot from it.

Just some tips...

If you use the Extended Mounting Kit you can give the front tube a little squeeze with channel locks to get the studs buy like this.

That is corded tire sidewall in between the gap, but all that really matters is the stud on the right passes by, that will keep your motor from twisting left.

Another issue will be the spoke mount sprocket.

All I did was just flip the sprocket over and not use the sprocket side rubber.
It lines up and runs for awhile, a few hundred miles anyway.

Welcome and best of luck on your new build, you picked a challenging bike to start with.
If you have questions try the Search here on 'Cranbrook' as you are far from the first ;-}
KC's Krusiers Builds
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