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Default Re: carb adjustment?

Okay, thanks for the tips.

I took it apart. Was set to #2 from top. I moved it to #1. I'm fairly certain that this helped a little-- not sure if I am just making it up, or if it actually helped. But either way, it didn't help enough. The bike is acting like it's a little choked, and won't make it to its normal max RPMs with the air filter on.

I tried moving it to #3 from the top just to see, and this seemed to make it worse just a little.

Checked for air leaks, none. Tried messing with the cable at the top of the carb, no effect.

Spark plug is L86J, 32:1 amsoil dominator synthetic. The carb I've got is the one with the red intake. Ive seen a efw pictures of it around here.

Weird thing is, if I am at even the slightest downhill grade, it seems to help and I'm able to get up to about my normal max speed. It seems like it runs just a little better after about 1 mile of riding, when it's fully warmed up.

Any other tips?
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