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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Well, we can't please everyone. Nobody is forcing anyone to use this or any other forum but most of us get good use out of it and most of us feel like we have something positive to offer others who need help. To me that's what counts. Personally I haven't done any business with Jim at Manic Mechanics so I have no comment about his business practices or the products he makes but I'm definitely not going to let the dramatic ramblings of some disgruntled customer detract me from doing business with him if I want to. I've read far more positive comments about Jim and his products than negative. Long live the power of the forums.

As I stated before these bicycle projects vary in style combined with the sight differences in the engine design from the different manufacturers in China make it almost impossible to get a custom product to work for everyone to make us all happy. Just too many variables. It ultimately comes down to us to be creative and crafty to get our bikes to work the way we want them to. If someone is not up to that then it's much wiser for them to buy an already built bike from a dealer.

As for custom parts go if you really need something made you can always find a local machinist to make it for you if you need it that bad.
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