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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

The bottom line is this- Jim started out promoting products he didn't (couldn't) deliver, then get's mad when some one calls him on it. He also sent out a bunch of clutch actuators that didn't work worth a crap, and when he was sent constructive criticism, he got miffed and told us we didn't have a clue. He ruined his own reputation here on the forum, it was not the doing of ANYONE else.

You guys who are willing to listen to BS and "get your parts when he is good and ready to send them" should keep on buying from him. All I did was try to let people know he was not the most up and up businessman, and his actions have proven it.

He has sent me numerous derogatory PM's saying things like "You don't know anything about machining or running a business"- both of which I DO know a thing or two about. He also told me "If you want to side with the common bas-tard, then go ahead, there are a lot of morons and idiot here on the forums".

Do you guys really want to line a guys pockets who thinks the average forum user is a complete dolt and a "common bas-tard"?

If you don't like the truth, then go away.

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