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Default Re: Huffy Santa Fe Motorized Bicycle

I need to make it clear that whatever problems I have expereinced lately are no way caused by the owners or operators of this site, to my knowldege or suspicion. If anyone believes in freespeech and other rights it is sites which are dedicated to the enjoyment of some peaceful hobby or common interest, like

Now, let me tell what happened tonight while in the garage dorking with the bike. I go to pick up some tools and put them away and a hawk flies into the open garage and flies so close to my head that I can hear the air going over the wings. It realizes it cant fly through and turns around and flies out.

About 15 seconds later, I hear what sounds like a whistle. Has someone trained a hawk to swoop down on people? If I had my arm out, it would have landed on it. I've heard that whistle before too.
As far as I know falconry requires a license which probably requires some promise not to use it to harass people. That bird needed a reason to fly into the garage and someone other than me provided it. I didnt hear or see any critter come into the garage before the hawk, so I doubt it was hunting.
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