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Default Re: Ripped Out a Spoke ?

Correction the wheel I have on my wish list are Shimano, Aluminum Alloy
and the spokes are 12 gauge.

Your right about the Rag side, Exactly that is where it popped, I got the pucker, ( dimple), back in and relatively flat, backed it up with a small washer, so, after some new bolts I will be putting the sprocket back on.

I am wondering since I have the rubber off, if I should true the wheel with the rubber off, and check the interior nipple heads and or use these to tighten or loosen the spokes, . . also, should I loosen all thirty-six spokes as if there is a need to adjust alignment would I go over and tighten a spoke that is already maxed ? What happens when a spoke is at the end of its thread, does it stop or will force strip it, (dumb question I guess ?), and how does that nipple screw head stop turning, I mean it can turn when adjusting from the exterior rim, right ?
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